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The winner selection is performed by Gleam, a third-party contest platform. Gleam uses random.org to draw a true random winner.

Past winners

September 2021 winner

Chad B.

August 2021 winner

Teresa K.

July 2021 winner

B.J. B.

June 2021 winner

Kimberly R.

May 2021 winner

Chris J.

April 2021 winner

Mark J.

March 2021 winner

Jacqueline M.

February 2021 winner

Roy F.

January 2021 winner

Jenny H.

December 2020 winner

Amber L.

November 2020 winner

Blake S.

October 2020 winner

Mya M.

September 2020 winner

Mercedes S.

August 2020 winner

Ashley B.

July 2020 winner

Christina H.

June 2020 winner

Stayce T.

May 2020 winner

Nora T.

April 2020 winner

Lizzie M.

March 2020 winner

Victoria T.

February 2020 winner

Elizabeth W.

January 2020 winner

Carolyn D.


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