Remote job description is the mobile standard and the trusted source for the digital economy. Our vision is to be the first Unified Data AI company that combines consumer and market data to provide insights powered by artificial intelligence. We passionately serve enterprise clients to create winning digital experiences for their customers.

We care deeply about our high-performance culture and operate as a global team. We have set excellence as our standard, hold each other accountable, continuously push innovation and win with style.

We are a remote-first company and we trust our people to get it done from the location that works for them.

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I work in's Information Security team, with the Engineering, Product, and Compliance teams, with the security expertise necessary to reveal potential and existing security weaknesses and compliance issues, manually and by integrating or creating innovative tools, on's online Web and API services. I help make life hard for the bad guys and easy for our developers!

You will be responsible for and take pride in...
  • Provide security guidance on a constant stream of new products and technologies
  • Take a leadership role in driving the internal application security program and privacy initiatives
  • Improve and train application security and secure coding practices throughout Engineering with our Security Champions
  • Build and integrate powerful security automations yourself (CI, CD, WAF, ...)
  • Propose security frameworks (OWASP), tools (Burp, ZAP, ...), and improvements we can use to strengthen our platform and our DevSecOps approach
  • Perform secure code reviews and application-level penetration testing as needed
  • Analyze, assess, and respond to various Internet threats
You should recognize yourself in the following...
  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Experience ensuring Security and Privacy (GDPR, ...) on the Internet
  • Experience with an interpreted programming language (Python, Javascript, etc)
  • Knowledge and a passion for Web application security
  • Exceptional communication, problem-solving skills, a strong sense of ownership, and an innovative mindset
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Company name:
Remote job title: Staff Application Security Engineer
Job tags: Security Operations, Global Teams, Market Data

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