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Who we are

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make it so that everyone can code, not just ~0.1% of the population. Our code intelligence platform helps developers and companies with billions of lines of code create the software you use every day. By enabling more people to code, we believe we will create economic opportunity across the world and will drive progress that benefits everyone.

It's an exciting time to join Sourcegraph. Our business is growing rapidly: we've experienced exponential growth and our $125M Series D from Andreessen Horowitz and $50M Series C from Sequoia have given us the opportunity to make big ambitious bets on our future. We have a huge market (every company that builds software) and massive opportunity (most developers haven't even heard of code intelligence yet, but once you've used it, you can't live without it--just like Google). By continuing to hire exceptional people, we have the opportunity to make Sourcegraph one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Working hours

Given that we are an all-remote company and hire almost anywhere in the world, we don't have a location requirement for this role. However, your working hours must overlap with EST for at least 10 hours/week.

Why this job is exciting

The Code Intelligence team is building compiler-accurate cross-repository IDE level navigation in multiple languages, with an in-house focus on the JVM/C++/.NET/JS/Go/Ruby/Python/Rust ecosystems. Our go to definition and find references functionality helps engineers understand and navigate their code and dependencies as quickly as possible. Teams and product verticals within Sourcegraph are able to use Code Intelligence data to enhance or provide a deep technical moat to their offerings. Through this foundation many exciting avenues and innovations are spawned (dependency graph, global monorepo, security use cases, IDE navigation without local compilation).

Our vision is to expand and support 40+ programming languages and build the global graph of open source code. We believe that we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible within Code Intelligence.

As a software engineer, you'll iterate on our customer experience, improve our language specific tooling and be an influential part of helping us build the global graph of code.

Join us to bring IDE-like navigation to 40+ programming languages. As part of this team, you'll have the opportunity to specialize as we grow. From creating intuitive language specific tooling through to working on low level compiler plugins, scaling our API with terabytes of data and launching innovative features.

Within one month, you will...

  • Be actively contributing to one of our supported language indexers.
  • Work closely with your teammates to understand the technical rationale behind our indexing format SCIP.

Within three months, you will...

  • Directly be owning the development or maintenance of a SCIP language indexer. Collaborate with engineers on different teams, and sometimes with our customers, to define the ideal APIs needed to deliver on the desired user experience.
  • Actively shape the direction and participate in the planning of the features we're going to build, e.g. by writing and reviewing PR-FAQs.

Within six months, you will...

  • Driving significant features such as cross-language precise navigation, dependency graph analysis or auto-inference of how to build and compile customer projects automatically.
  • Evangelize and iterate on the SCIP protocol, our docs and community contributions to drive SCIP forward as a global standard.
  • Make a significant impact by being a key contributor and help us improve our existing engineering practices.
  • Feel confident working more autonomously, leaning into our values, especially customer-driven, teamwork and high agency.

About you

You are an experienced and visionary customer-driven software engineer who works from a place of compassion and curiosity. You find joy in solving complex problems in the code intelligence space. You are strongly aligned with our values, inspired by our mission to make it so that everyone can code, and motivated to do your best work at Sourcegraph.


  • Strong experience developing and maintaining language tooling, such as compilers, build tools, static/semantic analysis or language servers.
  • Deep knowledge in at least one language ecosystem of JVM/.NET or C++.
  • Ability to work effectively across multiple languages with and without prior experience.
  • You can communicate clearly and empathetically, especially in writing and documentation.
  • You have experience creating high quality software balanced with a pragmatic understanding of how to make appropriate tradeoffs.
  • You are customer-oriented and a relationship builder.
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values.


This job is an IC5. You can read more about our job leveling philosophy in our Handbook.


We pay you an above-average salary because we want to hire the best people who are fully focused on helping Sourcegraph succeed, not worried about paying bills. You will have the flexibility to work and live anywhere in the world (unless specified otherwise in the job description), and we'll never take your location or current/past salary information into account when determining your compensation. As an open and transparent company that values equitable and competitive compensation for everyone, we are working hard to make our compensation ranges visible across the board. To determine your salary, we use a number of market and data-driven salary sources and target the high-end of the range, ensuring that we're always paying above market regardless of where you live.

The target compensation for this role is $225,000 USD base.

In addition to our cash compensation, we offer equity (because when we succeed as a company, we want you to succeed, too) and generous perks & benefits.

Interview process

Below is the interview process you can expect for this role (you can read more about the types of interviews in our Handbook). It may look like a lot of steps, but rest assured that we move quickly and the steps are designed to help you get the information needed to determine if we're the right fit for you... Interviewing is a two-way street, after all!

And that's it! Please note - you are welcome to request additional conversations with anyone you would like to meet, but didn't get to meet during the interview process.

Not sure if this is you?

We want a diverse, global team, with a broad range of experience and perspectives. If this job sounds great, but you're not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! We carefully consider every application, and will either move forward with you, find another team that might be a better fit, keep in touch for future opportunities, or thank you for your time.

Learn more about us

To create a product that serves the needs of all developers, we are building a diverse all-remote team that is distributed across the world. Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.

Learn more about what it is like to work at Sourcegraph by reading our handbook.

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.

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Company name: Sourcegraph
Remote job title: Software Engineer Code Intelligence
Job tags: C/C++, Java, Build Automation Software

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