Software Development Manager, Site Reliability Engineer


Job description

We are currently seeking a Development Manager to join our Distributed Site Reliability Engineering team.

What your team does:

Clio is looking for a Development Manager to join the team that builds and manages the infrastructure that underlies the development and runtime of our applications.

We're building a cross-Canada, distributed team that forms the foundation of Clio's engineering organization:

  • We build, secure, and maintain the infrastructure and critical services that power Clio's core applications.
  • We help Clions make data-driven decisions by providing observability and transparency for all of our environments.
  • We collaborate with the Clio product development teams to build tools that improve workflows and remove manual labour or friction points.

A day in your life might look like:

  • You'll split your time between being a high-impact contributor to our projects and being a high-impact leader, growing your team;
  • You will collaboratively define the roadmap to build a world-class developer experience, support business goals, and satisfy application requirements;
  • You will contribute to, and have a deep understanding of, the code base and your technical domains;
  • You will scope, define, and implement the infrastructure, automation, and processes that power the entire engineering organization;
  • You'll write clean, maintainable code, and continue to grow your development skills;
  • Foster and maintain a collaborative environment that highlights team prioritization, removing roadblocks, and sharing unique and creative solutions;
  • Elevate and educate our engineering processes within Clio, contributing to our cultural values of "No doors, only windows" (an emphasis on collaboration and clear communication) and "Live a learning mindset" (an emphasis on constant self-improvement and evolution in the face of change).

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • You are equally energized by both your own technical work as well as contributing to the career growth of your team;
  • You have strong opinions that are weakly held, and foster that same attitude in others;
  • You challenge and enable your team to take initiative, explore, and implement new improvements while balancing that work against satisfying the requirements as defined by the business;
  • You believe in providing honest, actionable feedback to your team, and encourage your team to reciprocate;
  • You devise roadmaps to guide your team, but aren't beholden to them -- you easily adapt to a constantly changing world.

What you should have:

  • Hands-on technical expertise with building or supporting software. Examples of relevant experience are: software development, *nix systems administration, infrastructure as code, cloud resource administration, or database administration. Bonus points for experience working with infrastructure at scale;
  • A demonstrated success in guiding technical teams. Experience with or a desire to learn about Agile processes and large scale SaaS products;
  • A diverse base of knowledge that allows you to guide your team to solve complex technical problems;
  • The ability or desire to learn how to hire the best and brightest in Canada;
  • An aptitude for coaching, developing, and retaining talent;
  • A portfolio of successful projects (as well as a collection of lessons learned from failed projects).

Don't have all of those? The most important part of this job is that you approach new challenges with curiosity and a drive to apply what you learn to fixing root causes, not just symptoms. Deep curiosity and a desire to learn will help you succeed in this job, combined with a drive to help others by shipping code. We have cross-trained developers coming from Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript backgrounds, and are happy to help you learn Ruby when you get here.

Serious bonus points if you have:

  • Experience managing hosts with Puppet.
  • Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience developing with Ruby or GoLang.
  • Experience managing AWS resources with CloudFormation or Terraform.
  • Experience scripting with BASH.
  • Experience administering any of: Elasticsearch, Kafka, MySQL, Redis.

Where your team works:

Clio is currently transitioning to a workplace that is distributed by design. This means that Clio offers employees more choice: the opportunity to work from one of our hub offices across Canada, remotely, or a combination of both. We have invested in best-in-class tools, technology, and culture to ensure our team members are able to do their best work whether they prefer to work from an office or remotely

Software Development Manager, Site Reliability Engineer at Clio (Toronto, ON, Canada) (allows remote)

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