Platform / Traffic Engineer

Remote job description

Your tasks – this is what awaits you in detail

  • You will become an expert in understanding our traffic flow and infrastructure
  • You work closely with the product and development teams to enable them to get their frontends and assets into the browsers of our customers
  • You design the traffic flow of our Marketplace and orchestrate it across Load Balancers, CDNs, Caches, (Micro-)Services and static file stores.
  • You are responsible for our traffic flow and its process optimization to ensure we can scale to an Europe-wide marketplace
  • You maintain & develop our cloud infrastructure and develop new tools and systems that allow development teams to work as independently as possible
  • You work on optimizing our monitoring and alarming capacities to track how requests enter and leave our platform

Your profile – this is what we expect from you

  • You have some experience in web development, including frontends, backends, and databases
  • You are familiar with infrastructure tools like Ansible and Helm or similar, such as Chef, Puppet or Salt
  • You have experience with Cloud-based infrastructure and how to manage it effectively with Terraform
  • You already have experience in scaling to large traffic sizes through Load Balancers, Reverse Proxies (ex. Nginx), CDNs (ex. GCP), Caches (ex. Varnish, Redis, Memcached) and Kubernetes (pod & node autoscaling)
  • You ideally also bring a basic understanding of networking, including the TCP/IP stack, DNS, BGP, TLS/SSL, or similar technologies
  • You are also familiar with operational tasks in supporting a 24/7 production environment
  • You have a customer-oriented instead of a operations-focused mindset, and you are able to build platforms that are automated and self-service for development teams
  • You have excellent communication skills, are willing to embrace our company culture and values and enjoy working in an international, english-speaking team.
Job title: Platform / Traffic Engineer (f/m/d) at (Köln, Deutschland) (allows remote)
Job tags: platform, ansible, puppet, saltstack

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