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At Swile, the Innovation department (80 techs) is divided into 14 feature teams spread over our 4 Tribes:

  • Corporate (our clients; B2B companies)
  • Employees (our users; employees who use our app and the Swile card)
  • Affiliates (our affiliate partners; restaurants / GMS brands / marketplace / e-commerce site, etc.)
  • Core (our cross-functional scopes teams; Finance & Payment scope, Developer eXperience scope, Platform & SecOps scope)

Our technology is mainly made up of web developers experienced in Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails (40%) and JS Node & React (60%) technologies and frameworks, fullswift iOS mobile side and fullKotlin Android.

The Swile platform is made up of several web applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API. Our infrastructure is hosted on Kubernetes, AWS and is described in Terraform. Joining Swile means working on a service with very high potential, which is deployed internationally (LATAM), and which involves real technical challenges; scalability, user traffic, B2B2C, payment...

We are looking for a Senior IAM Architect!

Your team: Attached to the DevX Scope, you will join our Identity Team. Your team is engaged to design, build and operate the end-users IAM backbone of Swile products. This team owns the whole IAM product including both user-facing (frontend) and backend parts.

Your role: as the IAM architect of the Identity Team, you should bring your expertise and experience of identity, authentication, and authorization topics to build and operate the most secure, scalable, and evolutive solution.

Your mission :

  • Design the architecture of our next generation IAM backbone
  • Deploy, configure and contribute to the development of IAM backends
  • Specify, review and challenge custom developments
  • Assess the security of the whole solution
  • The ideal candidate who matches with this team needs to have...
  • Previous experience in an organization operating a SaaS or multi-tenant solution and/or in a financial institution could be great
  • Strong expertise of OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SAML, and optionally GNAP is interesting
  • Master IAM concepts and flows in both B2B and B2C contexts:
  • >User management, user federation, social integrations, Identity provider (IdP)
  • >Authentication: login security, captcha / scoring
  • >Authorization & permissions management
  • >User, Group, Role, Domain - Based Access Controls (xBAC)
  • >Single Sign-On in a multi-tenant, multi-organization context
  • >Multi-factors Authentication (OTP, devices enrollment flows, hardware token)
  • >OAuth2 galaxy of standards: Json Web Token (JWT), refresh token and autorization flows, including PKCE
  • >Machine-to-machine APIs calls
  • >User registration and password recovery
  • >Breached credentials detections
  • Experience with IAM tools is interesting - such as: Keycloak, Auth0, OneLogin and Active Directory, Okta, GSuite
  • Should master a development or scripting language
  • Good understanding of cyber security basics is appreciated (encryption, signature, public-key cryptography)
  • Our tech culture will match with your ambitions if you like...
  • Rigor and operating in a context guided by best practices (clean code, testing, SOLID principles, design patterns, ...)
  • Working in a team, even remotely!
  • The concept of learning and sharing (guilds, DevOps, mentoring, meet-ups, conf ...)
  • The challenges linked to the issues of scalability and microservices
  • To have ownership over your projects (no PO / PM at Swile!)
  • The idea of building a fully real-time platform for hundreds of thousands of users
  • To have lots of different contacts: support team, finance, marketing, sales ...

Recruitment process

  • Video screen: 20-30 minutes (Tech Recruiter x candidate)
  • Hiring manager interview: 1 hour with Cyril Champier (evaluation of soft/hard skills, teamfit, background, team/job information) with Engineering manager & Tech Recruiter

Architecture interview: 2h

  • Swil'Interview: 45 minutes / During this stage all our Swilers can be called upon and contribute to the assessment of the skills of our candidates (focus on culture and values). The interviewers will be able to meet the candidates without cognitive bias and have constructive feedback on their interpersonal skills and know-how. Involving all of our employees in the success of our recruitments is an integral part of our culture and our values
  • Final Round: 45 minutes / CTO or Tribe Director Interview

Company name: Swile
Remote job title: Senior IAM Architect Fullremote
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