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This is a remote position and we're considering candidates in the US / Canada east coast.

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join the Grafana Datasources team. Our managers take an active role in creating a productive environment for our engineers; be it through removing blockers and impediments, facilitating cross-team collaboration and understanding, or by aiding the team in helping themselves by constantly improving and refining their working practices. You'll be responsible for managing a team of distributed engineers working across a variety of systems and helping them to perform at their best.

In Grafana Datasources, our mission is to give users the capability to aggregate data from any source they have within their environment, opening the door to a new way of thinking about observability. We want users to be able to leverage Grafana to view their infrastructure as well as the lifecycle of their software in a composable fashion.

The majority of our work is on OSS Grafana, but we also work closely with customers of our commercial offerings. Our main goal is to increase adoption and with that the overall value that our product delivers to users. We meet these users at their current needs, whether that's onboarding to query languages or expertly searching for root causes. We strive to deeply understand user workflows and play an active role in research. Close collaboration with Product, UX, Docs and Customer Experience is something you will regularly be engaging in.


This is not an exhaustive list, and we know that people can have a wealth of knowledge in their individual backgrounds. A list of some of the things we think would be ideal in this role are:

  • The core focus of the role is people. Technical skills are desirable in order to understand some of our stack and manage a highly technical team (we primarily work with Go on back-end development and TS/React on the Frontend).
  • Delivery is another part of your responsibilities. You are able to work with your team to set milestones, clearly communicate delivery timelines and help remove impediments.
  • You will work closely with stakeholders and product managers to ensure the product roadmap is defined and up-to-date. You collaborate with others to ensure the product direction aligns with our company mission and define OKRs to demonstrate that.
  • You focus on quality above speed of delivery while encouraging a short feedback cycle and experimentation.
  • You have a strong software engineering background and are capable of engaging in technical conversations and challenge teams to arrive at strong technical decisions together.
  • You are comfortable working with engineering teams who have a strong sense of autonomy in their decision making, be it technical or product focussed.
  • While you're great with people and adept at managing relationships, you still keep up-to-date with the latest technical trends and shifts in order to maintain and enhance your understanding of the challenges your teams face.

What a typical EM's day-to-day at Grafana Labs looks like:

  • Thrive: We have regular and frequent 1:1s to ensure that our direct reports are motivated, happy, and engaged.
  • We also coach, mentor, and advise. Upwards, sideways, and every-which-ways.
  • Progress over Perfection: We provide continuous feedback to engineers to ensure that they can add value, while trying to maintain a high standard.
  • Seeking Diverse Perspectives: Gathering a range of opinions from both engineers and management to define upcoming features, contributing to design documents, and attending and contributing to open discussions.
  • This is also reflected in maintaining headcount-- we spend quite a lot of our time reaching out to URM's to try and diversify the voices here in Grafana, every day. We work with our PeopleOps team closely to accomplish this.
  • Say:Do Ratio: We ensure features are well-defined and ready for development, and then set the wheels in motion to make sure they are delivered.
  • Respectfully empowered to start up new initiatives, contribute to on-going ones, and to encourage and nurture others to do the same.
  • OSS is in our DNA, and as such working with the community is something that happens regularly for us. We default to transparency and try to be as open with everyone.

Our hiring process:

  • Video call with a Talent Manager (30 mins)
  • Technical Interview with 2 engineering leaders (60 mins)
  • Peer Interview with 2 engineering leaders (60 mins)
  • Management Best Practices Interview with 2 engineering leaders (45 mins)
  • Do you still have questions for us at the end? Want to talk to a member of one of our ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)? We can also schedule a call for that!

In the United States, the Base (OTE for commission positions) compensation range for this role is $168,000 - $201,000. Actual compensation may vary based on level, experience, and skillset as assessed in the interview process. Benefits include equity, bonus (if applicable) and other benefits listed here.

About Grafana Labs: There are more than 950,000 active installations of Grafana around the globe, monitoring everything from beehives to climate change in the Alps. The instantly recognizable dashboards have been spotted everywhere from a NASA launch and Minecraft HQ to Wimbledon and the Tour de France. Grafana Labs also helps companies including Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase, and eBay manage their observability strategies with full-stack offerings that can be run fully managed with Grafana Cloud, or self-managed with Grafana Enterprise Stack. The Grafana stack has grown to include four other open source projects, Grafana Loki (for logs), Grafana Tempo (for traces), Grafana Mimir (for metrics), and Grafana OnCall (for on-call management).

Benefits: For more information about the perks and benefits of working at Grafana, please check out our careers page.

A note about covid-19: All Grafanistas who wish to attend in-person events or travel for Grafana Labs must be fully-vaccinated.

Equal Opportunity Employer: At Grafana Labs we're building a company where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, stay, and do their best work. We know that our company runs on the hard work and the dedication of our passionate and creative employees. If you're excited about this role but your experience doesn't align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyways.

We will recruit, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, disability, age, veteran status, and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different and unique. We believe that equality and diversity builds a strong organisation and we're working hard to make sure that's the foundation of our organisation as we grow.

For information about how your personal data is used once you've applied to a job, check out our privacy policy.

Company name: Grafana Labs
Remote job title: Engineering Manager Grafana Datasources
Job tags: Onboarding, Observability, infrastructure
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