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Amplify is one of Asia Pacific’s leading digital entertainment companies. We’re a young ambitious company focused on redefining what an entertainment business looks like for the 21st century. At Amplify, we create and build commercial and audience opportunities for some of Australia and Asia’s biggest online creators through media partnerships, live events, and social commerce to ensure talent growth.

The Role

The role focuses on copywriting narratives and production content for TikTok. This includes creating educational materials that leverage TikTok expertise for effective messaging across digital channels. Key responsibilities are generating fresh ideas, conducting research, ensuring brand consistency, adapting content for various formats, languages, culture sensitivity, and collaborating with design teams. Preferably has experience working with TikTok.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Turn tech jargon into compelling stories that resonate with creators to boost in-app creation and product adoption.
  • Create engaging content, including scripts, articles, and one-pagers, tailored to project objectives.
  • Ensure written content matches project tone, voice, and brand guidelines consistently.
  • Generate original ideas for content themes, infusing freshness into scripts and articles.
  • Revise content for accuracy, clarity, and coherence based on client feedback.
  • Conduct thorough research and fact-checking for content credibility.
  • Adapt content for various formats and platforms, optimizing messaging accordingly.
  • Manage content projects from conception to delivery, including educational materials and global tentpole invitations.
  • Write compelling partner education materials for digital channels.
  • Collaborate with the design team to make original pieces for illustrations and infographics to enhance content.
  • Provide design advice to communication colleagues to maintain brand reputation.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all projects.
  • Utilize TikTok knowledge effectively.

Related languages:

  • North America: English, Portuguese, French (Canada)
  • Europe: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish
  • Middle East: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Asia: Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay, Filipino/Tagalog

Company name: Amplify
Remote job title: Freelance Copywriter
Job tags: Copywriter, Writer, Freelance, Entertainment

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