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About Apollo

Founded in 2015, Apollo is a leading sales intelligence and engagement platform trusted by over 15,000 paying customers, from rapidly growing startups to the largest global enterprises. Our platform unifies a database of 200 million business contacts with advanced intelligence and engagement tools, to help over 500,000 sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals to connect with the right person at the right time with the right message, at speed and scale.

In the last year, we've grown ARR 3x, quadrupled our active users, maintained profitability 18 out of the past 20 months, and recently closed a $110M Series C led by Sequoia Capital to fuel the next phase of our growth.

Working at Apollo

We are a remote-first inclusive organization focused on operational excellence. Our way of working ensures clear expectations and an environment to do your best work with ample reward.

Your Role & Mission:

As the Staff DevOps Engineer, this role will have direct input into how we scale, secure, and monitor our systems and services throughout the entire organization. You will work on our Infrastructure team made up of experienced Systems Engineers with a diverse background and collaboratively build upon our cutting-edge infrastructure platform. Apollo Engineering strongly believes in allowing team members to take ownership of what they do, and our approach to problem-solving relies heavily upon creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Daily Adventures & Responsibilities:

As the Staff DevOps Engineer, you will work on:

  • Infrastructure Ownership
    • GCP support, operation, scale, and architect ensure high availability of all systems
    • High availability of production systems, and a highly visible and measurable environment
    • Automating and streamlining standard infrastructure operations.
    • Provisioning IAM Users, Roles and Permissions
    • Dynamic Secrets Injection and Application Secrets Management
    • GKE Cluster provisioning, maintenance and upgrades.
    • Proficiency in Auto Scaling techniques and Deployment strategies for high availability and self-healing infrastructure.
    • Database support with MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RedisCache.
    • Making high-level decisions on technologies we use to create and deploy our applications.
  • Internal Tools Ownership
    • Terraform and Packer automation
    • Ansible support and improvements to automation
    • Github Actions CI & ArgoCD
    • Code Deployment Pipelines - creation, operation, and upgrades.
    • Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning and Operations (multi cluster, 100+nodes per cluster)
    • Hashicorp Vault
    • Monitoring systems implementation and support, expanding to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution, At a Glance system statuses.
    • Supporting engineers on internal tools, systems, and processes.
  • Project Tasks
    • Task prioritization.
    • Task and project level estimation.
    • Use of modern project management software such as JIRA to organize epics, stories and tickets and track progress.
    • Requirements gathering required for projects.
    • Breaking larger tasks down into smaller tasks and identifying the order in which they should be completed.
    • Using agile project management techniques like stand-ups and weekly sprint planning.
  • Network Configuration and Support
    • GCP Networking, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Virtual Private Clouds, etc ..
    • API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controllers
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
    • Communicate technical ideas to software developers in written and verbal formats.
    • Prioritize cross-functional requests against each other and planned Dev Ops work
    • Communicate the team's progress on key projects and metrics to engineering management.
    • 12 Factor Application Design

Experience Required to apply for this role:

  • 7-9+ years of experience working in a production environment.
  • 3+ Years Experience working with Kubernetes in production
  • 1 Year of Experience working with MongoDB and/or Elasticsearch in production.
  • Experience deploying front and backend applications at scale
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines for web applications built with Ruby on Rails, NodeJS Python
  • Strong background in Linux/UNIX (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Experience sharing L1 PagerDuty rotations
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, preferably with multiple GCP services
  • Information Security best practices, particularly in the context of GCP and BigData
  • Knowledge and experience with infra security tools such. (Nessus, Uptycs, etc)
  • Experience with configuration management & automation (Ansible, Terraform, Atlantis)
  • Monitoring and Metrics gathering (GCP Logs, Prometheus, NewRelic)
  • Familiarity with Linux Containers and Virtualization (Docker)
  • Container Application Security, Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation (Snyk, Qualys, etc)
  • Knowledgeable in networking protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, TLS, IPSEC, etc.)
  • Experience with Corporate VPN to Cloud Networking and Management (Pritunl, pfSense, etc)
  • Ability to design and maintain Application Routing solutions
  • Strong interest in learning new and emerging technologies
  • Modern Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment technologies and techniques.
  • General experience with NoSql, RDBMS (Access Control, Administration, Tuning, etc.)

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience validating and deploying software to cloud infrastructure, including running unit tests, producing build artifacts, and running end to end tests.
  • Ability to organize and drive an infrastructure project using Agile project management tools and techniques.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and technical reasoning.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with other engineering teams.
  • Performance benchmarking and capacity planning
  • Knowledge of microservices architecture
  • Knowledge of the challenges faced by software engineers in a modern engineering department.

What You'll Love About Apollo

Besides the great compensation package and culture that thrives in openness and excellence, we invest tremendous effort into developing our remote employees' careers. The team embraces that we have a sole purpose: to help customers maximize their full revenue potential on the Apollo platform. This mindset opens us up to a lot of creative approaches to making customers successful at scale. You'll be a significant part of a lean, remote team, empowered to really own your role as a proactive educator. We're very collaborative at Apollo, so you'll be able to lean on your teammates, even in adjacent departments, to help you achieve lofty goals. You'll be supported and encouraged to experiment and take educated risks that lead to big wins. And, you'll have a whole team remotely by your side to help you do it!

Company name: Apollo
Remote job title: Staff DevOps Engineer
Job tags: Information Security, PagerDuty, Ubuntu

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