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Are you interested in championing a product that makes work better? The science is clear: happier employees are more productive and stay at companies longer?"everyone wins!

Who we are

We're a team on a mission to make work better for everyone, everywhere. We empower people to thrive at work, without creating more work for them.

Humu is an HR technology platform that makes it easy for organizations and their people to improve, every single week. Science shows that the fastest path to improvement is via personalized coaching in the flow of work. That's exactly what Humu does. Humu nudges managers and their teams to build better habits that will lead to their success. Unlike most tools, Humu combines Nobel-prize winning science and technology to pinpoint which behaviors and people skills leaders, managers, and employees need to be effective. Humu helps customers drive outcomes like improving managers, increasing agility, building more inclusive cultures and boosting team performance.

Humu was founded in 2017; in 2021 we raised a $60M Series C round and we're excited to grow our ~100-person company. We started with an office in Mountain View, CA; we still have that office, but we've since hired many employees across the US and plan to continue supporting a remote-first culture..

We're looking for passionate collaborators who are excited about building a product that empowers people to improve themselves, and the teams around them.

What you'll get to work on

Humu's Nudge Engine? deploys thousands of customized nudges?"small, personal steps?"throughout organizations to empower every employee, manager, team, and leader as a change agent. Over time, our nudges grow increasingly aware of the timing, messaging, and motivational techniques that inspire individual employees towards action.

The Details

We're looking for a curious, passionate behavioral scientist who can bring their unique expertise to Humu and craft effective interventions that make work better by making people better at work.

As a member of our People Science team, you will:

  • Identify opportunities to build knowledge and techniques from behavioral science into the Humu platform
  • Collaborate cross functionally to design, implement, and iterate new product features and user experiences
  • Contribute to the Humu nudge library
  • Design experiments to understand and influence individual, team, and organizational outcomes
  • Inform our approach to capturing and interpreting new data signals that further optimize nudges and other behavioral interventions
  • Learn from and collaborate with other Behavioral Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists


  • 2+ years of industry experience.
  • Strong background in human behavior research
    • PhD, Masters, or equivalent expertise in a field that uses research and analytics to understand and influence human behavior (i.e., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, etc)
  • Experience in assessing employee engagement surveys strongly preferred
  • Proven ability to synthesize complex research findings, review with a critical eye, and communicate practical implications to non-technical audiences
  • Expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating behavioral interventions in an applied setting
  • Deeply curious and creative when it comes to systems design: you can interpret the moving pieces in a complex system and identify high-impact opportunities for intervention (e.g., identifying elements of work that influence employees' experiences and designing nudges to improve them)
  • Enthusiasm for finding innovative ways to apply research findings to complex, real-world contexts
  • Highly efficient: able to navigate ambiguity and solve problems in a fast-paced environment; able to make informed decisions on tight deadlines when needed
  • Strong cross-functional collaboration skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Company name: Humu
Remote job title: Behavioral Scientist
Job tags: saas / subscription, business services, hr

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