Working from home can be good for your health

Feb 27, 2020

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In today's world of epidemics, pandemics, and super bug scares, working from home not only helps alleviate the worry of bringing germs home, but also keeps everyone more productive and healthier.
During cold and flu season, office workers know it's just a matter of time before whichever sickness is going around the office will hit them. No amount of hand-washing, anti-bacterial spray, or trying to avoid anyone with even a sniffle, will prevent getting sick. It seems inevitable. There are germs all over the place!

In contrast, remote workers can stay home to prevent catching the latest virus making its way through the office or to keep others from catching whatever illness they have. Working from home keeps the contagion from spreading like wildfire from colleague to colleague. While not all illnesses will allow employees to feel well enough to work, even from their home offices, remote employees still have the option of checking in and taking care of some To-Do items, if they start to feel better.

Many companies also allow remote workers to work when they feel at their best. Some people are night owls, some are afternoon bees, while for others, the nine-to-five is just right for them to be at their most productive. As long as the work is completed on time, work-from-home employees can get their rest when it suits their needs. In fact, most remote workers end up getting more done, in less time, due to less distractions like coworkers dropping by for a quick chat or being stopped in the hallway on their way to a meeting for some advice. This equates to better well-being and mental health overall for remote workers.

People who provide care for a loved one can also work from home. Earning a living, while taking care of elderly family members or small children, provides peace of mind and money savings on outside care. Parents of school-aged kids working remotely can stay home and still work when their children get sick, rather than taking paid time off or sick time and being unproductive for the duration of their child's illness.

For many, location independent roles are a necessity for themselves and their families. Being able to care for oneself and loved ones, while not having to sacrifice a career, is a great benefit of today's technology. Finding a healthier role is easy with remote job search sites like These remote job search sites are committed to finding and curating great work-from-home positions to make it easier for remote job searchers to take the steps to happier and healthier lives!


Kati Pierce

Kati Pierce

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