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BaseLang is one of the largest Spanish schools online. We offer unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring for $149, online via Zoom. Our team is fully remote, most of whom are based in Medellin, Colombia.

What is the position?

At BaseLang, we publish content regularly, targeted at gaining traffic and customers from organic Google searches. In short, SEO-focused content marketing. We've been very successful at it, and know what we are doing. However, our marketing team now has too many things going on, and we've become irregular with our content production.

We need someone to come in and take over running this system. You don't need to know anything about content marketing or even SEO. We will train you, and you'll just continue following our tried-and-true method. Rather, you will essentially be the project manager of our content marketing department, making sure the trains run on time. You aren't in charge of writing the posts, but rather, managing the writers and editors, and then any final tasks needed to hit publish. You'll need to do this at scale, starting with 6 posts per week.

There will be a team of writers and an editor that work directly for you. When necessary, we can hire more as needed to keep pace with the publishing schedule.

You will:

  • Ensure all content follows best SEO practices
  • Build an outline for each post (we'll teach you how to do this)
  • Manage a team of content writers who are non-native English speakers
  • Flag any concerns of tone, accuracy, or grammar
  • Ensure every nitty-gritty detail (grammar, in-house style, formatting) is clean, correct, and ready to be seen by the world before scheduling articles for publication. You aren't the writer or editor, but you're the final check on every article before it goes out the door.
  • Add your own basic article elements - e.g., picking a compelling image thumbnail
  • Publish work to our CMS (wordpress + webflow)
  • Audit current content that isn't ranking, and look for opportunities to optimize or republish (we'll teach you how to do this)
  • Speak with 3rd parties when need be (e.g. link building agencies)

What kind of person are we looking for?

We aren't looking for a visionary, a starter, a creative genius. If you need constant novelty in your work, this isn't the role for you.

Rather, we want someone reliable, organized, and detail-oriented. You like systems. Your attention to detail means you’ll write the word "laureles" somewhere within your cover letter. We want someone who enjoys keeping the trains running on time.

You should be a native English speaker, or speak and write at a native level. Ideally, you have learned a language before, and speaking Spanish is a bonus as well.

Position benefits:

  • $3000/month salary, structured as an independent contractor.
  • Remote! However, you should be in either European or American time zones for purposes of collaborating with our writers, who are in Latin America.
  • Training - get access to courses that will help you become a world class expert in everything SEO and Content
  • No minimum hours. You're in charge of your team and role, and are paid for results, not hours spent. If you can run the team to publish 6+ (number may increase in the future) high quality posts per week, according to our content marketing standards, we're happy - whether it takes you 10 hours a week to achieve or 40. We do expect you to be available for messages during normal business hours, however.
  • Minimal meetings. We don't like meetings, and only do them as necessary.
  • Friendly team. You won't have to deal with big egos or assholes at BaseLang.
  • Free language classes! You will have free access to all of our products, should you want to learn a new language
Company name: BaseLang
Remote job title: Content Manager
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    $3,000 - 3,000 USD
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    45 days ago

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