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Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

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Are you analytical, thoughtful, cool as a cucumber, and as precise in your work as science and first officer Spock? Do you also leap into the unknown with a sense of adventure, have passion for discovery and bring with you all the flaws and triumphs of humanity that Captain James T. Kirk brought to every voyage?

We're looking for a person of paradox that thrives when presented with a challenge. Someone that can look at a system or a system of systems and bring clarity, counsel and aid. Do you know yourself well enough to know how best you can help those around you?

Our team's focus is to build a progressive, stable platform. An infrastructure that our developers can leverage to build and run services that have the potential to change the financial fate of our communities. We believe that the world is a better place when decisions about money happen locally, closer to you, your family and your community. Where financial institutions can focus on relationships, learn about your goals and help you build towards your future. As part of the infrastructure team in the Jack Henry Digital group, you'll get the chance to contribute to the core financial platforms and services that our communities and families rely on.

Preferred Qualifications

Extremely well versed with production container orchestration, operations, security, and networking.

Proficient with reading or writing code across a number of languages.

Essential Functions:

Combine engineering and software development experience to design and implement infrastructure as code.

Adequately establish yourself as a technical leader that can be recognized as a thought leader both internally and externally of your team.

Collaborate with other engineers to propose and execute strategies, ideas and technologies well suited to the problems at hand.

Actively contribute to and improve the engineering organization's coding standards and best practices.

Build strong work relationships based on open communication that encourage a creative, thoughtful and enjoyable work environment.

Set an example for emotional maturity and growth.

Company name: Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Remote job title: Staff Adventurer (Platform Team) at Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.? (allows remote)
Job tags: kubernetes, linux, azure, terraform, golang
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    (GMT-06:00) Central Time +/- 2
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    Software Development
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    62 days ago

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