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We are looking for a Software engineer with an individual contributor role, 50K, Full-Remote.

About Marvin

Marvin is an English-first, French-tech company working in a full remote configuration. Our mission is to make the daily life of rental managers easier, everywhere in Europe. To do so, we develop a virtual colleague rental managers can hire to delegate administrative tasks, and then devote more time to landlord clients and tenants. Marvin's uniqueness lies in its fully autonomous and B2B approach. We are currently working on the first fundraising, with goal of managing 10K units by next summer.


By our side, your principal missions will be to:

  • Develop new features
  • Improve CI/CD, observability, code review automation, bring your stone to the DevX
  • Realize code reviews


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Working on a fresh codebase with high quality standards
  • Shape the future with an innovative product

Technical stack and organization

  • C#, .NET, Blazor, SQL Server
  • Azure Devops (CI/CD)
  • Majestic monolith with TDD, ATDD, CQRS, DDD methodologies
  • Railway oriented programming with a very functional approach of C#
  • We work in small batches. Automated tests drive the implementation and express scenarios that document the way the software works. We limit the WIP
  • Organization promote Leader-Leader approach that empower each member of the team
  • We enjoy working with international renown consultants


You should definitively join us if:

  • You want to be in a team that is curious share a strong zest for learning
  • you enjoy delivering value building a habitable codebase
  • You like to work in small batches, with a DDD mindset, code that fits in your head
  • When you ask yourself how it works, first place you look at is the automated tests suite
  • You like working with diversity in terms of oldness, gender, path and nationality

You are the perfect person if:

  • You already have a previous experience with .NET
  • You drive your development by tests and are familiar with BDD
  • You are used to work in small batches
  • You are passionate, you love learning new things and share your knowledge with the team

Interview process

  • Fit interview (1h)
  • Technical interview (1h)
Company name: Marvin
Remote job title: Software Engineer
Job tags: tdd, ddd, cqrs, craftsmanship, functionalprogramming

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