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Marvin Behavioral Health

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Marvin provides digital behavioral health services over telemedicine to employees of hospitals and other healthcare systems. Our mission is to end the one-size-fits-all approach to behavioral health, designing a unique treatment plan for each client, and providing culturally-adept care that best meets their needs.

At Marvin, we understand the push-and-pull between creativity and practical product delivery that is inherent in the role of an Engineer. We want you to embrace both sides of that tension, and welcome you to care about what you do, and what we do. This includes:

  • Crafting CSS into React and/or Svelte components that are part of a comfortable and frictionless user experience for the people to whom we deliver teletherapy
  • Constructing clean and reusable (and even delightful) software components in our services and APIs
  • Representing our users in thinking about how to deliver our services, with an eye towards privacy, confidentiality and decency
  • Understanding the technological and social implications of software development and deployment, ranging from algorithmic fairness to representation in data

At the end of the day we want you to love developing - to care about the nuances of repository management, and to understand the balance between the advantages of a new framework and the pain of replacing working, mature and tested code. You will collaborate with our engineering and product teams in an agile framework, and will have input into our engineering sprints. We want you to be focused on execution, delivering results in a fast-paced, but flexible environment. It is, however, important to us that you care and that we provide you an environment where your work, technical and otherwise, is meaningful to you.

We are excited to collaborate with those that are comfortable with different perspectives and backgrounds, working together to not see the world in just one way. While we've listed job qualifications below, please do not take this as a be-all, end-all list. We encourage you to apply if you are passionate about our mission and excited to help our team thrive.

We are trying to achieve a lot, but we are in a marathon, not a sprint, so good employee mental health is just as important as working with smart, driven, and respectful individuals. Join our team, and you can help us build the world's best mental health company.

This position is remote. However, the ideal candidate would be located in, or be willing to relocate to, Boston, MA or Marina del Rey, CA.


  • Develop front-end components for Marvin web and mobile applications
  • Develop typescript based scalable back-end API services
  • Setup applications for deployment to cloud services (AWS, GCP, etc)
  • Profile and benchmark applications to resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Work with other engineers and team members as part of Marvin's sprint iterations
  • Integrate Marvin's Machine Learning/ Statistical Learning modeling into consumer applications

Minimum qualifications:

  • Deep comfort with React and CSS (flexbox, CSS Grid, transforms, gradients)
  • 4-5 years of experience steeped in the arts & mechanics of software development with a focus on Python, Typescript & ES 6+ Javascript based stacks
  • Experience with testing in both front-end and back-end environments (Jest, Enzyme, etc)
  • Deep working knowledge of APIs & REST based architectures
  • Comfort with a *nix environment (we'll even count OS X)
  • Experience with authentication and software security methodologies
  • Comfort with production software deployment and management and the corresponding tooling (Git, Github/ Gitlab, CI, etc)
  • Strong interpersonal skills with sensitivity to diverse communication styles and priorities
  • Experience working in a dynamic, fast-changing, or startup environment

Preferred qualifications:

  • Comfort with WebRTC and related technologies (RTP, SIP, etc)
  • Experience with messaging, especially secure messaging (, websockets)
  • Experience working with engineers, as well as designers and non-engineers
  • Interest in design and/or design thinking
  • Well-organized and highly conscientious
  • Excited about music, art, food, or other life passions!

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Company name: Marvin Behavioral Health
Remote job title: Software Engineer

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