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Barsala is working to unlock unique locations to stay in cities across the globe.

Every building needs Barsala. Building owners work tirelessly to bring on new, creative developments into cities that enable people to explore the area in a unique way and feel inspired while doing so. Developing buildings is high risk, and Barsala increases the chances that the building owner will make a return on their investment by monetizing their vacant apartments.

Travelers have evolved over time. Hotels aren't friendly for those staying for extended periods of time, and other rental options has a lack of consistency that leaves the traveler wondering if the owner will accidentally open the door to their room.

Barsala offers fully furnished, livable spaces for remote workers, business travelers, digital nomads, and anyone else who is looking for a better way to stay. These come equipped with a washer/dryer and kitchen, and they provide unique opportunities for people to explore new cities.

About the Role

Barsala is looking for a product-focused engineer that can implement creative solutions across a variety of products, and build world class technology for our guests and building partners.

What You'll Do:

  • Build key components of the Barsala platform:
    • A world-class hotel suite of guest applications that empowers them to take full advantage of their stays
      • Includes our web platform, mobile app, checkin form, and the API that powers all of them
    • Smart home and building IoT integrations for a next generation hospitality experience
    • Identity verification and improvements to our fraud detection services
    • Applications for our building owners to help manage and improve their experience with Barsala
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the world to drive teams towards high impact
  • Help us grow our new team by interviewing and recruiting new engineers
  • Develop a culture of high ownership, innovation, empathy, and collaboration
  • Make investments in engineering reliability, productivity, and excellence
Why you might be excited about us
  • We're building the future of travel. We're a passionate team of individuals that love to travel and explore new cities, and we take that energy into building an experience that's unlike what exists today
  • You'll work closely and communicate directly with product owners at Barsala and work with them to build the right solutions to the problems they face
  • You'll quickly have responsibility over big areas of our products.
  • The future is very bright - we've bootstrapped the company to ~1,000 properties across 12 different cities. We've recently raised a round of funding and are looking to accelerate this growth in 2022!
Why you might not be excited about us
  1. We're a relatively small team, so if you like more established teams, it's not (yet) the right time. You'll help build our company's culture.
  2. Since we're still a startup, projects and priorities may shift.
  3. Since you'll have a lot of responsibility and creativity over projects, they may not be defined perfectly initially. You'll be expected to bring your own experience and perspective to help us do the right things, and raise flags if you think we should do things differently.
About you
  1. Minimum 4 years of experience designing, building, enterprise-grade or consumer-facing software
  2. Strong proficiency in Node, React and React Native, and preferably Next.js
  3. Experience or confidence in their ability to lead teams to accomplish projects end to end
  4. Detail-oriented, has a muscle for making trade-offs between technical perfection and time to go live
  5. Strong communication skills and comfortable collaborating with non-technical stakeholders
  6. Successful track record in challenging engineering roles within startups
  7. Comfortable establishing standards in codebases for others to follow
Why Barsala?
  • Annual credits and discounted rates to Barsala properties ??
  • WeWork membership reimbursement
  • Professional development reimbursement
  • Home office & technology reimbursement
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Opportunity to...
    • Grow as a technical leader within our engineering team, getting experience coordinating with other engineers and mentoring them
    • Gain technical ownership over numerous products
  • Exact title flexible based on level of experience
  • We provide medical, dental and vision insurance

Company name: Barsala
Remote job title: Senior Product Engineer

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