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Scala Developer

Applaudo Studios

Remote job description

You bring to Applaudo the following competencies:

2+ Akka actor model framework experience
2+ Play or Spring framework experience
Fully Functional programming oriented
Akka Streams (parquet or avro desired)
End to End reactive flows (Casandra reactive connector preferable)
Experience working with large volumes of data for medium to large corporations.
3+ years of Agile experience
Cat (Desired)
Doobie (Desired)
Slick (Desired)
Event sourcing & event based architectures (Desired)
Professional English proficiency

You will be accountable for the following responsibilities:

  • Construction of highly concurrent Back end reactive micro services for large volumes of data through kafka streaming.
  • 100% Scala with a mix of Akka, Akka-Http, and Play microservices using Kafka.
  • Experience in one or more of the following cloud environment tools: GCP Pub/sub (Kafka) or Azure: Event Hub (Kafka)
Company: Applaudo Studios
Job title: Scala Developer at Applaudo Studios (allows remote)
Job tags: scala, akka, akka-http

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