Remote job description

We're a Digital Company, full-remote and office-less, especially qualified to design and develop cloud-based applications and scalable, performant micro-services that very often integrate with APIs.

We believe that anyone should be able to work wherever they want to!

Our Values:

  • Transparency
  • We trust our employees and they have trust in us!
  • Everything is shared with the Teammates, nothing is left in the dark.
  • Authonomy
  • Each Jagaader is responsible for their own work: you decide the timing, how to set up your activities and the best practices to achieve your personal/team goals!
  • Feedbacks, feedbacks, feedbacks!
  • We love feedbacks, need I say more?
  • We strive to create an amazing work environment people centered and based on continuous improvement.
  • Our Team Mates are highly skilled, dynamic and proactive, they love sharing new ideas with the Company!

In this role, you will

Develop high-quality code and tests Develop features and respect the roadmap Develop API's to be used both for our frontend and mobile applications Continuously improve the quality of software by innovating and working on performance optimization Review pull requests from your team members in order to conduct a constructive code review

What will you bring?

Excellent knowledge of modern PHP Excellent knowledge of at least one framework (preferably Symfony) Excellent knowledge of development best practices such as SOLID, DRY, KISS, design patterns, object design Experience in designing, using and consuming REST APIs Experience with testing code (unit, integration, functional) Understanding of fundamental design principles behind scalable applications Good Knowledge of MySQL or MongoDB Good knowledge of git Problem-solving, decision making and effective communication skills Fluency in English

You are a Rockstar if...

You know Docker and Kubernetes You have designed and developed systems with microservices architecture You have a good track of open source contributions

Full- remote position!

Benefits & Perks:

Flexible working hours, an amazing international Team, team building activities, English courses, free training for developers and so much more!

Timezone: CET +/- 3 hours

Company name: JAGAAD
Remote job title: PHP Team Lead
Job tags: PHP, Symfony, Docker, PHPUnit, API

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