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After more than doubling our revenue in 2020, we're expanding our world-class team of product engineers in 2021 to continue our rapid business growth and meet the insatiable demand for our product lineup. We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to design, build and deliver performant and accessible frontend experiences on the Beamery platform.

This person will...

  • Work with our wide-ranging tech stack, with micro-frontend and standalone web apps written in React, TypeScript and JavaScript;
  • Collaborate with a team of engineers and designers to execute on a broad range of projects, following through end to end from discovery and design to prototyping and implementation;
  • Contribute to and drive solution design for our frontend applications;
  • Deliver new and smarter user experiences that make use of our AI and machine learning capabilities;
  • Help shape the future of the frontend architecture at Beamery by contributing as a core member of the Frontend Tribe.

We think that these factors can help you succeed in this role...

  • Experience building complex user interfaces at scale using the latest web standards;
  • Experience in mentoring, sharing knowledge and communicating ideas to a range of stakeholders.
  • Good understanding of JavaScript beyond libraries or frameworks;
  • Keenness for modern testing and automation tooling;
  • Pragmatic and enjoy moving quickly and can take a forceful stand without being abrasive;
  • Understanding of the principles of accessibility and can build products that are accessible to users with disabilities;
  • Understanding of factors that affect the perceived performance of a web app and how to mitigate them to create a smooth and delightful user experience.

About Beamery

Beamery is a hive buzzing with excitement! We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK and London's top HR tech startup , disrupting recruitment with our Talent Operating System and building the world's smartest Talent Data Platform driving intelligence, insights and innovation around candidates, skillsets, diversity and more. Our customers include renowned brands (Nasdaq, AstraZeneca, Zoom, Zalando, Grab), undisclosed names (some of the world's largest organizations!) and many more coming on board in 2021.

Our nearly 90-member product development team includes people trained as historians, musicians, physicists, mathematicians and alumni from Spotify, PayPal, NVIDIA, DAZN, ORACLE, Starling Bank, etc. Everyone at Beamery brings a unique perspective, and you could be just what we need. We seek and welcome people from diverse backgrounds and a variety of work and life experiences. We recognize there's a lot of work to be done and we're constantly looking for ways to bridge the diversity gap. We believe Beamery and the tech industry as a whole can only gain by empowering underrepresented groups and elevating their viewpoints so that our culture, products and relationships are sensitive , inclusive and well-rounded.

Our tech stack includes Node.js, React, Golang, Kubernetes, GCP, Google Cloud Functions, Kafka, MongoDB, Istio, Terraform, etc. We believe in empowering teams to be autonomous and self-led to address our many interesting and meaty technical and organizational challenges.

People have joined Beamery for a variety of reasons: because of the category-defining product and the opportunity to disrupt how companies hire, because of the challenges and thrill of working in a fast-growing company while building out our engineering culture, or quite commonly because of the people they met in the hiring process and just resonated with.

Some of the things we're working on this year include:

  • Using artificial intelligence and a knowledge graph so recruiters can find the right candidates with the right skills faster
  • Reinvigorating the CRM with Beamery's brand new design system
  • Enabling data-informed talent transformation via dashboards that provide deep insights into efficiencies and bottlenecks in recruitment workflows
  • Going from candidate-centric external recruitment to employee-centric internal mobility to help companies retain talent through internal opportunities
  • Leveraging our Talent Data Platform to integrate with partners and enable them to use our refined enriched data to help our customers' workflows, cementing Beamery's place at the centre of the talent software ecosystem

Here are some blog posts that give you a sneak peek into life at Beamery:

Company name: Beamery
Remote job title: Frontend Engineer
Job tags: saas / subscription, business services, hr, recruitment

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