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Swile (swile.co) is a French start-up created in 2017 by French serial entrepreneur Lo?c Soubeyrand : Swile offers digital solutions for employee rewards and benefits (meal/food vouchers and corporate gifts) through a card and an app that also helps foster engagement. We disrupted the traditional and outdated French paper meal voucher market and were able to gain significant traction. After mastering meal vouchers, Swile is now tackling new rewards and benefits (meal vouchers, corporate gifts, transportation and commuter benefits, vacation allowances and more) that will be stored and managed via a single account, card and app.

Our ambition is to enable employers to also improve their employees' engagement and experience by recognising key moments and milestones of their lives at work. As such, celebrations (birthdays and work anniversaries), money pots, team events, P2P payments among coworkers are brought together in a single app.

As of today, we have raised ?11 million (Series A) in 2018, ?30 million (Series B) in 2019 and more recently, we completed a third round of fundraising (series C) of ?70 million, spearheaded by Index Ventures. After an in-depth study of the growth potential for Swile across global markets, the company is poised to expand into the Brazilian market this year as Brazil is the world's largest employee benefits market and more generally the perfect place to develop our new HR features namely our "Engagement" offer.

Job description

At Swile, the Innovation department (80 tech) is divided into 14 feature teams spread over our 4 Tribes :

  • Corporate (our clients; B2B companies)
  • Employees (our users; employees who use our app and the Swile card)
  • Affiliates (our affiliate partners; restaurants / GMS brands / marketplace / e-commerce site, etc.)
  • Core (our cross-functional teams; security, finance, payment, engineering efficiency, platform, etc.)

Our technology is mainly made up of web developers experienced in Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails (40%) and JS Node & React (60%) technologies and frameworks, fullswift iOS mobile side and fullKotlin Android.

The Swile platform is made up of several web applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and described in Terraform. We are starting a migration of all our servers to Kubernetes .

Joining Swile means working on a service with very high potential, which is deployed internationally (LATAM), and which involves real technical challenges; scalability, user traffic, B2B2C, payment...

We are looking for Engineering Manager ! onsite in Montpellier or in Fullremote !

Your team: Attached to the Tribe Employees or Corporate, you will work in the "Social", "Engagement", or "Neobank" feature team. You will lead a multidisciplinary team 4 - 6 developers; Fullstack, Back-End, Lead, Mobile developers ... in fullremote or onsite in Montpellier.

Your role: Participate in the construction and development of your technical team in order to achieve our challenging web roadmap and take in hand the management of your feature team (+70% management, mentoring, sprint...)

Your mission :

  • Buiding your feature team rodmap (neobanking, praise, gifts, events, benefits, social...)
  • Working with the team to identify and make improvements in our processes, practices and product
  • Supporting teams in increasing the delivery proficiency by creating a learning environment
  • Leading the team meeting, agile ceremonies and roadmap construction;
  • Exchange with the different squads of the Tribe, build relevant monitoring metrics;
  • Ensure the consistency and homogeneity of cross-squad developments;
  • Improve the collective performance of your team both technically (style, architecture, design) and human (collaboration, organization, etc.)
  • Taking part or/and leading one of our "guild" (community of developers around specific stack).

Preferred experience

  • Good tech background and passionate about one of our stack Javascript (Node, React), Ruby or Mobile
  • Constantly lookout for new tools and strength of proposal and passion for growing, developing and guiding people
  • "doer", even when the product is not perfect, we deliver and we iterate!
  • Experienced: ideally 5 years of minimum experience to adapt to our pace easily, follow the roadmap and work with remote teams, Paris or Montpellier
  • Good knowledge of our daily tools: Slack, Google Suite, Notion, Git...
  • Openness to receiving and giving feedback in your team and also with other Swilers
  • Interest in working in an environment where leaders support their teams to do great work, through removing impediments, finding improvements, and facilitating effective decision making
  • Our culture tech will match with your ambitions if you like...
  • Rigor and evolve in a context guided by good practices (clean code, testing, design patterns, SOLID principles ...)
  • Work in a team, even remotely!
  • The concept of learning/sharing/mentoring (guild, devops, monitoring, meet-up, conf ...)
  • The challenges linked to the issues of scalability and microservices
  • Have ownership over your team and your projects (no PO / PM at Swile!)
  • The idea of building a fully real-time platform for hundreds of thousands users
  • Have lots of different contacts: support team, finance, marketing, sales ...

Our values

  • We are Team-Players : we succeed as a team! Learning, growing and taking off all together is what is driving us on a daily basis
  • We are Doers : being creative, curious, and wanting to build things with a test and learn mindset, this is who we are!
  • We move Fast : the ability to be organized and adaptable enough to innovate and keep our technological advance in the market!
  • We Stay Hungry : our ambition has no limit, and this requires humility, questioning, and the will to always set higher objectives!
  • We are Ambassadors : as we are the first users of our product and daily users, speaking about Swile is always a pleasure! We love our product!
  • We cherish our Values : very committed, Swilers are all very endeavored to maintain our culture

These values are very tangible, from Montpellier to S?o Paulo, from Monday to Sunday, we are living a one in a lifetime entrepreneurial experience that brings us together around a product that we use everyday, creating an amazing feedback culture!

Recruitment process

  • Video screen: 20-30 minutes (Tech Recruiter x candidate)
  • Hiring manager interview: 1 hour (evalution of soft/hardskills, teamfit, background, team/job informations) with Tribe Director
  • Tech case: 1h15 + 1h /Peer programming test + Architecture test (coding algo, logic, design, architecture, tech culture, best practices...) with 2 developers
  • Swil'interview: 45 minutes / During this stage all our Swilers can be called upon and contribute to the assessment of the skills of our candidates (focus on culture and values). The interviewers will be able to meet the candidates without cognitive bias and have constructive feedback on their interpersonal skills and know-how. Involving all of our employees in the success of our recruitments is an integral part of our culture and our values
  • Management Interview: 1hour / focus on leadership, management skills
  • Final Round: 45 minutes / CTO or CEO

Company name: Swile
Remote job title: Engineering Manager

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