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We are looking for an experienced, non-technical Product Manager who can help us to embrace the "product" concepts that we believe could help us to grow the WorksHub platform and better serve the needs of our customers.

What is WorksHub?

WorksHub is a software recruitment outfit that deploys a collection of websites that appeal to niche technology communities (e.g. Blockchain Works, Functional Works, JavaScript Works, etc.). These sites pull together companies, jobs, learning resources and open source projects to help software engineers grow their careers, learn and find new opportunities. Our dedicated recruitment team adds the 'human' layer, which consolidates applications and encourages participation.

About the role

Over the last 12 months, we have begun to transition from a scrappy, reactive, development outfit into a customer-led, forward-thinking product development team. We've added design and marketing roles, and started redefining how we manage, plan, and organise feature delivery. However, we now understand that to continue this journey we need further guidance and direction. That's where you come in.

The team and tools

CTO, three developers, a product designer and a marketing and growth coordinator. We use ClickUp, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Zapier & Stripe

The position would have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a feature roadmap that balances demand against resources
  • Assessing market trends to inform direction and innovation
  • Analyzing user behaviour and devising tests that challenge our hypotheses
  • Liaising with customers to conduct interviews, understand their needs and collect feedback
  • Working closely with CTO to help guide development priorities
  • Helping organise and direct the wider product teams (tech, design and marketing)
  • Devising strategies alongside the Product Council
  • Running a sophisticated product discovery process
  • Judging which assumptions to validate and where to proceed with conviction
  • Making confident, value-based, data-informed, mission-aligned product decisions

This position would have the following targets:

  • Increasing the number of job-seekers using the platform
  • Extending the capacity and bandwidth of our sales team
  • Stabilizing subscription revenue; reducing customer churn.
  • Maximising the amount of value we can deliver to customers
  • Improving and modernizing our product-focused practice


  • Ideally London, but remote is fine too (UTC -1/+3)
  • You will report to the CTO but with direct lines of communication to the CEO
Company name: WorksHub
Remote job title: Product Manager
Job tags: recruitment, product, software, jobs to be done, agile
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  • annual salary range

    £35,000 - 45,000
  • posted

    254 days ago

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