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Who we are

  • Alan is the one-stop health partner for the body & the mind.
  • Founded in 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian and Charles Gorintin, Alan is the first digital health insurance in France since 1986.
  • Alan's long-term goal is to make personal, proactive and holistic health part of people's daily life, striving to be the world's most member-centric healthcare company.

As of today, Alan covers more than 300,000 members, representing over ?160m+ of annualized revenue. We recently raised a further ?183m in a series E funding round bringing the company's total valuation to ?2.7bn. The team is 500+ people and growing. We are also operating in Spain and Belgium , and guess what: the best is yet to come!

How we do it?

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that guide our approach to work such as:

  • Members first. We put our members first, our team second, our shareholders third.
  • Radical Transparency. We take all our decisions in writing and adopt a direct and honest style of communication.
  • Personal & Team Growth. We are self-improving whilst helping others grow. We're no ego-doers and we all edit the company.
  • Underrepresented folks...

Science shows that you are less likely to apply if you feel you don't have all the necessary prerequisites. If this description matches where you are now or what you'd like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply.

We strive to make our culture as inclusive as possible and believe both the company and its culture are strongest when composed of diverse experiences and backgrounds.

  • We have an open salary & equity policy combined with a transparent career path: we base our people decisions on objective criteria.
  • We have flexible working hours and leave policy.
  • We trust people to work remotely
  • We extended the length of parental leave and value this time as professional experience.
  • We respect our coworkers gender identity and use their names, pronouns and agreements no matter their legal status.

The challenge

Following our Series E funding of ?183m in 2022, we are investing a huge amount in new talent and will grow our team by 400 additional Alaners by 2023. Hiring the best talent is one of our top priorities! Your role will be varied, with the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Talent Acquisition, you will help by building a pipeline of exceptional candidates, engaging top talent, and making sure we get the most out of our selection and interview process.

Here are a few things you'll be in charge of to begin with (but the sky's the limit!):

  • Ensure a stellar interviewing experience with our team: hiring is very collaborative at Alan. You'll keep a keen eye on the candidate's experience and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Source talent: we place the bar very high in our recruitment efforts at Alan. You'll be like an internal headhunter, looking for the best profiles on Linkedin, pushing for internal referrals, participating in recruiting events, mining social networks, and any other creative methods to find the best possible candidates.
  • Reporting - Keeping our Applicant Tracking System (Lever) up to date and supporting with ad hoc reports.
  • Projects and continuous improvement - we are growing fast and our organization is constantly evolving, there are countless initiatives you could own or be part of (Interviewers training, employer branding, improving our processes...)

We're open to both technical recruitment experience and non-tech talent profiles as long as:

  • You're passionate about hunting and recruiting amazing team members (whether you're a recruiter already or a manager that has recruited a fair amount!)
  • You push for modern hiring practices and continuous improvement.
  • You have a strong knack for technology: we're a startup working with a lot of tech tools.
  • You're eager to learn and excited about joining a fast-growing startup and want to grow in the area of Talent/HR: we've got amazing projects to tackle in the years to come!
  • Bonus points: if you have leading projects pushing for innovation in Talent Acquisition expertise (e.g: Diversity & inclusion, Data, Advanced sourcing methods...)

The Alan Method

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that translate into our approach to work:

  • We solve big problems, quickly, with focus.
  • We tell and share everything.
  • We grow while we are developing the company
  • We are also willing to offer Alaners a stimulating environment for people to focus on the essential: their work.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages, along with meaningful equity
  • A great healthcare program (yes, Alan)
  • Flexible and remote work environment
  • Check out our blog for more info:
  • Perks & Benefits

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees. This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks for them to be happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Flexible Office. Amazing office space in the headquarters, sponsored co-working hubs or a full-remote experience for those who want, with home office equipment sponsorship.
  • We reward fairly. Generous equity packages are completing your base salary.
  • All the tools you need. Top of the range equipment: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • Flexible vacation policy. Alaners can organize their time off as they wish.
  • Delightful healthcare insurance. Extremely comprehensive health insurance - 100% of the contribution covered by Alan for you and your family.
  • Transport. Country-specific commuter benefits
  • Learning & Training opportunities. A very flexible Training policy at Alan, free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises
  • Parental leave. Extended parental leave for all new parents.

Company name: Alan
Remote job title: Talent Acquisition Manager
Job tags: insurance premiums, fintech, insurance, medical services

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