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About Behavox:

Behavox is shaping the future for how businesses harness their most important raw material - data. Our mission is bold: Organize enterprise data into actionable information that protects and promotes the business growth of multinational companies around the world.

From managing enterprise risk and compliance to maximizing revenue and value, our data operating platform presents a widespread opportunity to build multilingual, AI/ML-based solutions that activate data for every function within a global enterprise.

Our approach is unique, and it's validated by our customers who tell us to keep forging ahead because no one else is aggregating, analyzing, and acting on data to uncover opportunities or solve problems quite the way we are.

We are looking for fearless innovators who have an insatiable appetite for building what no one has built before.

About the Role

The Behavox Platform is a scalable, fault-tolerant and highly performant storage and processing system which allows us to manage and analyze massive volumes of data. We have an extensive and flexible set of APIs to develop products that allow our clients to work through millions of data items, by searching, filtering, and visualizing relationships between entities in the system.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be involved in prototyping, architecting, and building the development, production, and testing infrastructure of the Behavox platform. The DevOps Team strives to automate everything, manages our infrastructure as a code, and builds our platform on the top of Open Source tools and applications. We encourage engineers to contribute to it! Currently, our open-source technology stack includes, but is not limited to Ansible, Saltstack, Nomad, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, HBase, MySQL with Galera plugin, Mesos, Spark, Marathon, Docker, Consul, Zabbix, and Jenkins.

This is an incredible opportunity to discover the world of real-time data processing and face the challenges of distributed systems. It will also provide you the opportunity to:

1. Work on critical business areas that will have a big impact on the company
2. Implement your ideas in an environment that is looking to constantly improve
3. Be part of a fast-growing dynamic company and work with modern technologies

What You'll Bring

  • 5+ years experience in a DevOps engineering role, a proven track record of building and maintaining DevOps automation and tooling
  • Hands-on Ansible or SaltStack experience
  • Strong development and scripting skills (Python and Golang are preferred)
  • Linux system administration expertise, solid knowledge of Linux OS fundamentals
  • Experience in deploying and managing k8s or Nomad clusters

What You'll Do

  • Participate in designing, managing, and troubleshooting of the complex distributed large-scale software systems
  • Automate and streamline deployment, configuration and maintenance processes (Ansible/Salt)
  • Create tooling to automate the operations (Python / Golang)
  • Manage the infrastructure of large numbers of Linux servers (including troubleshooting)
  • Manage deployments and upgrades of k8s or Nomad clusters

What We Offer

  • A truly global mission with a passionate community in locations all over the world
  • Huge impact and learning potential as our aspirations require bold innovation
  • Highly competitive compensation with 100% bonus pay already integrated
  • Benefits include fully covered health coverage for employee and family
  • Generous time-off policy and flexible work schedule

About Our Process

We take Talent very seriously and we are building a community of extraordinary individuals working together in very high performing teams. We also know that the best Talent always has options so we believe that the process has to be a two way assessment - the company AND the candidate assessing the business needs alignment, the career next step alignment, and the cultural alignment.

During the process we will begin by exploring the core factors regarding salary and location along with core experience and skills and values alignment. We will then deep dive explore the critical technical competencies we have identified for the role, and then we will deep dive in behavioural competencies.

The most aligned candidate will then be asked to do a practical work task simulation activity so we can make sure that you will enjoy the kind of work the role requires, and this task will typically be presented and discussed with a group of colleagues and managers. Finally we will ask you to meet with a number of our senior leaders to make sure that you are making the most informed call possible.

Company name: Behavox
Remote job title: DevOps Engineer 3
Job tags: saas / subscription, hr

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