Remote job description

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel booking and logistics coordination for multiple parties including but not limited to Company employees, management, vendors and contractors
  • Create and maintain reporting systems for flights, Uber business, accommodation per city/venue/project
  • Track all travel expenses via spreadsheets, invoice record keeping
  • Reconciliation of travel commission invoices on a monthly basis
  • Administrative support for Project department
  • Participation in Project/production (zoom) meetings as required as well as any other relevant meetings for the company
  • Create meeting agenda(s) for distribution, take and distribute meeting minute(s) as required by Project Director
  • Reach out, communicate and negotiate best rates for hotels/flights and group rates when available; working with sales and partnerships departments to ensure any group or comp rates are established in conjunction with larger global deals
  • Manage and oversee the Uber business account including monthly reports
  • Manage, track, and reconcile travel insurance needs on a monthly basis
  • Support the Project team with other tasks when required and as assigned by Project Director
Company name: Lighthouse Immersive
Remote job title: Travel Coordinator
Job tags: coordinator, Travel Coordinator, Travel Assistant

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