5 tips to successfully work from home

Mar 18, 2020

5 tips to successfully work from home remote.io blog post banner

Whether you're trying to find a remote job, already work from home, or are in a temporary work from home situation, there are timeless tips and tricks to make your home into a great workspace.

Keep Your Schedule

While you may get a few more moments of sleep once you no longer commute to an office, that doesn't mean you should sleep in. Set your alarm to give yourself time to wake up, get dressed, grab breakfast, and some coffee.

If you normally workout in the morning, keep that routine up from home with free online videos or your own workout, if you can't get to the gym.

Start your workday at the same time you would if you were in an office and be sure to log out at the same time you normally leave the office.

Take Breaks

Keeping the same schedule includes taking breaks. Get up and stretch, refill your water or coffee, grab a snack, take a walk, or whatever you normally do during your breaks. Just make sure to give yourself a few ten or fifteen-minute breaks away from your screen throughout the day.

Don't forget to give yourself a lunch break, either. If you use your lunch hour for a walk or workout, go ahead and keep up those activities as well.

Create a Good Workspace

For temporary remote workers, finding a good workspace that's quiet, ergonomic, and comfortable at home can be challenging. While the kitchen or dining room table may seem ideal, it may also be in the center of your household's noisiest activities. For those working from home for just a few weeks, you may need to think outside the box. A temperature-controlled garage, using a card table and a comfortable chair or even a small corner in a bedroom can be just enough room for a productive workday.

For those who work from home regularly, many have great workspace setups already, with a small office or space set aside for their workday. However, many people are joining the remote workforce each day and aren't sure where the best place to work might be.

A good remote workspace is any space that's comfortable, quiet, and allows remote workers to get their best work done.

Appreciate the Benefits

There are many great benefits to having a remote job. Taking care of family, spending time with pets, no commute, less distractions, and completing work faster, just to name a few. While some people do not prefer to work from home, but need to due to extenuating circumstances, appreciating the benefits can make the transition a lot easier:

  • No dress code
  • Listen to NSFW songs and podcasts as loud as desired
  • Complete control over the temperature of the room
  • Illness prevention from the bug going around the office
  • Quieter environment

Whatever the reason for needing to work remote or looking for a work from home job, sites like remote.io have you covered.


Kati Pierce

Kati Pierce

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