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Remote Lead React Native Engineer (US/ Canadian Candidates Only)

About the Employer
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Job Description

We are currently seekingReact Native mobiledevelopers. This is a remote position.

The ideal candidate is analytical, highly organized, and self-motivated with a proven track record in deliveringmodern mobile application solutions (particularlyReact Native). Beyond strong technical skills, we are looking for someone withmature communication skills and the desire to be a part of a cooperative development effort.

Initiallyyou'llbe part of a dedicated project team developing a custom health science platform for patient care. This rolewill grow intoopportunities to work on other tech stacks and other projects - as a small company you'll always have opportunity to work on new challenges.

This might be a good fit for you if:

  • You enjoy working at small companies with close-knit teams
  • You consider yourself adaptive and enjoy wearing multiple hats
  • You consider software development a craft or discipline, and are interested in having that consideration shape your development activities
  • You like board games (no really, we have a board game night)

This probably isn't a good fit if you:

  • Need a lot of structure or oversight to do your best work. Our remote environment requires team members to be able to tolerate ambiguity andbe assertive and communicative when tasks are unclear.
  • Are really keenly interested in justone specific technologyniche (nothing wrong with that - but you'll probably get frustrated here)
  • Need "to be right" all the time. We're a growing, collaborative team that frequently tries new approaches. Team members need to be open to taking risks and reasoning with one another.

Required Skills & Experience

    • 5+ years developing native mobile applications
    • Expertise withReact Native
    • Experience leading tasks throughout the project lifecycle
    • A strong passion to work in a fast-paced startup environment
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Enjoys interacting with clients and thrives in a highly collaborative fast-paced remote team.
    • Familiar with common architectural patterns and functional programming
    • Writes clean, well organized, well documented and well-tested code, utilizing language idioms and tools appropriate to the platform
    • Thrives in collaborative programming environments with frequent peer reviews.

Desired Skills & Experience

    • Experience with Behavior Driven Development
    • Experience with Pivotal Tracker, Github, Slack
    • Expertise in Native iOS or Android development ( Kotlin or Swift)

Outside of work, were a tight-knit group made up of smart, fun, diverse, passionate people. We have games night about once a month. (Thanks BoardGamesArena!) And our #random channel in Slack is populated with a dizzying collage of snarky memes, music finds, vacation videos, pet/kids pics, obscure tech news and kurzgesagt Youtube videos.

If this sounds like a fit, wed love to add you to our team.

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Remote Lead React Native Engineer (US/ Canadian Candidates Only)

Tags: react-native, react-native-android, react-native-ios, javascript, typescript