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Network Product Support Specialist - 9074

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$25.00 - $31.00

Job Description

We have a high touch 1:1 consultation service to help Clients with their WFH (Work from Home) setup which includes home networks (WiFi, ISP, Ethernet, DNS, etc), and video conferencing setup, that may affect their ability to work from home effectively.

This service is currently staffed with FTE's, however we want to launch to a global audience so we'll need to have more staff to handle the influx of appointments. While the largest portion of appointments would likely be in the first few weeks after a global launch, this service would likely continue on as an extension of Techstop.

Ideally we will have a team that is comfortable troubleshooting advanced home networking issues from multiple different vendors, which includes the following used operating systems: MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, and Linux.

This service is appointment based, and we would intend to be available for appointments 24/5 to account for all geographic regions.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

General home network troubleshooting

Home WiFi support, ISP support

Home network install and setup

Customer service experience, 1 - 3 years experience required.

Undergrad degree preferred.


Chrome OS, MacOS, Windows, Linux network troubleshooting

Experience deploying WiFi networks

Company DescriptionAkorbi is a Global Language Solutions Company handling Translations and Interpretations world wide. We offer solutions to the language industry in providing the best quality of service with our interpreters.

AKORBI Language Solutions
Network Product Support Specialist - 9074

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