Korean Bilingual Work From Home Agent! We Supply The Equipment!

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hourly Salary
$15.00 - $15.00

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Internet Service:
minimum of 5.0 mbps download
minimum of 10.0 mbps upload
<75ms latency (ping)
no wireless or satellite connections
ethernet cable needed for modem
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The purpose of Korean Bilingual Customer Service Representatives (CSR) position is to deliver excellent customer care and create sustainable value for customers via phone, email, chat, and correspondence. The Korean CSRs handle service and information requests, billing explanations, cost savings advice, and explain company policies and procedures along with terms and conditions.

Call Center hours of operations are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM; shifts will be determined towards the end of training. Training will be Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for 4 weeks.

Essential Job Functions:

Fluently speak Korean and English to assist with customer's needs

Provides efficient and effective service to customers and prospects on all patron based services to a variety of inquiries and customer needs

Maintains sincere interest in providing stellar customer care

Understands customer needs, determines the appropriate course of action to meet those needs and completes or initiates the transaction

Exercises independent thinking in meeting customer expectations

Combines knowledge of product, good work ethic, effective time management skills, and human relations skills to meet performance standards and positively influence the client's image

Ability to process information quickly and accurately

Ability to handle routine customer transactions

Ability to work under time constraints

Ability to understand and apply new concepts

Ability to analyze information and evaluate results

Ability to effectively deal with complex customers

Ability to create positive customer relationships by defusing angry and upset customers

Demonstrates a commitment to learning quickly and effectively applying knowledge as well as supporting/creating a productive, positive work environment

Attention to detail-documentation and follow-up

Experience Required:

Able to fluently speak Mandarin and English

High school diploma or GED

Minimum of 6 months of customer service experience

Knowledge of mainframe and computer (pc) and internet applications

Microsoft Office applications

Excellent telephone tact and diplomacy

Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills with supervisors, peers, and customers

Proficiency in keyboarding/data entry

Exceptional oral and written communication skills demonstrated by use of correct grammar and terminology

Time management skills (dependable, accurate, and detail oriented)

Successful completion of Background check

Ability to work the hours of operations as shifts will not be assigned until the end of training

Ability to attend 100% of the required weeks of training

Final candidates for this position will need to successfully complete a background investigation, which may include a criminal check.

Company DescriptionFaneuil provides a broad array of business process outsourcing solutions, from customer care to technical support, and currently employs more than 5,500 professionals nationwide. Count on Faneuil to represent you in the very best light, exactly as it should be. The employees we deploy across all channels are rigorously trained to not only deliver the right answer, but to be fierce guardians of your brand. We take pride in our ability to rapidly scale to meet your programs requirementsgeography and existing space have not been impediments to Faneuils ability to bring fully operational spaces online within days of contract award.

Korean Bilingual Work From Home Agent! We Supply The Equipment!