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Thanks for taking a moment to read about our new Legal Recruiter job opening.

My business partner and I started our recruiting company, Mission Recruiting in September 2013. We had previously worked at a larger recruiting firm for close to ten years and during that time we realized that clients deserved a better firm. We also thought our blundering Regional Vice President was an idiot.

Turns out, we were right. Clients did want a better firm and yes, our previous Regional Vice President was an idiot. We quickly became busy recruiting for organizations throughout California. In order to keep up with the business we had coming in we began to hire additional help. Since launching weve been fortunate to hire some great people to help us grow. We are now recruiting for clients across the country.

So that is where you come in. We have a remote recruiting position available and we need your help. It is a position where you will help top candidates find their next great opportunity. This is a remote recruiting position working with firms in the healthcare, legal, accounting, and operations arenas to help them find top talent.

Why should you consider working with Mission Recruiting?

Recruiting Only. Many firms ask their recruiters to not only recruit, but to go find new business as wellselling and recruiting. Many firms call it full cycle recruiting or working both sides of the desk. In most cases, your time is split between calling clients to see if they need help recruiting and calling candidates to see if they need help in finding a job. At Mission Recruiting you will only be responsible for recruiting. We have a robust business development team bringing in new clients and new searches every day. And our current clients continue to use us again and again as their recruiting needs increase. So you only have to focus on recruiting. And that means no travel. We used to spend at least a day a week on a plane. Not here. Join us and start recruiting. Leave the TSA nonsense for when you go on vacation.

Lots of Accounts. Many firms only give their recruiters a few accounts each. With most firms, recruiters struggle to set enough interviews to make enough placements. We have a lot of accounts with more on the way. Join us and well get you a full complement of accounts right away.

No Ceilings. As a newer firm, we have no ceilings in place youll be able to grow as far as your talents and ambition can take you. With bigger, more established firms you have to deal with a long line of entrenched people who have been with that firm for years making getting promoted difficult and tricky. With us, you begin at a level based on your experience and grow quickly from there. We are developing several teams and right now we need people to come in and develop those teams.

No Drama. Remote positions have a lot of advantages - and one of them is the lack of office politics. No office, no politics. Work from home. If you want drama, watch Netflix on your lunch break.

Remote Work. While we are on the topic of remote work there are many additional perks. To list a few:

  • No daily commute. Save gas, time, and road-rage
  • Dress comfortably. No need to dress up, wear your pajamas
  • There is no place like home. Avoid using a company's outdated office equipment - sit on your favorite chair, use your own computer, and no public restrooms
  • Bring your pet to work day is every day

What We Offer:

  • A competitive base salary. Recruiters make their money in placements but we provide a competitive base salary as a launching pad
  • A competitive commission plan
  • Health, Dental, and Vision plans. We offer 100% of the cost of our basic plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Lifelock subscription
  • Ability to Set Your Own Schedule
  • 401k plan with 3.5% match
  • Cell phone reimbursement up to $50 a month
  • 15 Days of Paid Time Off Total First Year
  • Very few meetings. We leave you alone so you can make connections and make money

Here Is What We Need From You:

Long-Term Vision. We want to hire employees who want to help us continue to grow. And that growth will require teams with strong team leaders. Join us if youre looking for a new opportunity for a long-term career.

No Paperwork Shuffle. We are 100% digital and youll never be asked to print anything. Our admin team handles most of the data entry and time-consuming bologna that other firms ask their recruiters to complete.

What Youll Need to Have:

  • 2+ years of Recruiting Experience in Legal
  • Professional Attitude
  • Be able to work 40 hours a week, full time only
  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • A Solid Computer
  • Multiple Monitors - this is a must
  • A Good Headset (a USB, double-ear headset with a noise-canceling microphone is worth every penny you spend on it).
  • Wired internet connection with a download speed of 50+ - this is a must
  • A quiet place to work. You won't be able to live at Starbucks to perform this job.

A note on geography: While we are open to speaking with anyone with the preferred experience, it is our preference that we work with people who are in the Central, Mountain, or Pacific Time Zones.

We look forward to speaking with you about our remote recruiting role.

Job Reference: Legal Recruiter - 129297

Company DescriptionMission Recruiting is a dynamic full-service, corporate recruiting company working with a diverse array of clients and candidates. We represent legal, healthcare and leadership opportunities. We provide the best recruiting experience for our clients, our candidates and our team members.

Mission Recruiting
Legal Recruiter wanted for Growing Firm - 129297

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