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Marketing Coordinator/Manager

About the Employer
  • Integrated Solutions Political
yearly Salary
$60000.00 - $75000.00

Job Description

Work from home or travelling Europe. Anywhere with solid internet.

At ISP, it's about getting the job done. We don't like meetings. We don't like wasting time. Why sit in an office or at your computer with nothing to do? If the work is done, go enjoy life. We don't micromanage. If you need the structure of a corporate environment, this isn't the job for you.

Integrated Solutions: Political is a fast growing technology leader in the political committee (campaigns, parties, PACs, influence groups, and etc.) industry. We are the 3rd largest company of our kind and want the #1 spot. Our clients love us, and our employees love working for us. We care about our clients, give them the best, and get the job done. We care about our employees and do our best to help each achieve their goals. Every one at ISP works remotely.

We're looking for a full time marketing professional. This is a job with substantial growth opportunities. Excellent performance will be rewarded. The person hired has a chance to become a core part of a fast growing company.

The job: This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities. The job is to get sales leads, and to increase the number of leads who eventually become paying clients.

  • Work remotely from anywhere with strong internet.
  • Report directly to the President.
  • Write, send blast emails.
  • Conduct market research, source data, target clients.
  • Design, create sales/marketing materials, mail pieces.
  • Help create and implement marketing strategies.
  • Write SEO articles.
  • Manage and update website (using Wordpress) - you do not need coding skills.
  • Support sales reps with unique campaigns.
  • Design, create, test, optimize digital ad campaigns.
  • Represent ISP at conventions, conferences, other events.
  • Source marketing opportunities.
  • Continually define and refine marketing manager role.
  • Suggest budgets.

Required: If you think you can do this job but don't meet these requirements, apply with a cover letter. Make your case.

  • Bachelor's degree or 3+ years work experience in marketing or multi-channel social media management (will accept monetized personal accounts).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Flexible.
  • Creative.
  • Resourceful.
  • Self-driven.
  • Familiarity and mastery of basic technologies and software.
  • Willingness and ability to meet in person up to a couple times per month. Special exceptions could be made for the right person.
  • Political maturity: you'd be working, and possibly in contact with, political organizations spanning the spectrum. You must be able to put your opinions aside and be professional.

It'd be nice to see:

  • Paid social advertising experience (emphasis Facebook network).
  • Organic social management (emphasis Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).
  • Digital advertising experience.
  • Adobe creative suite proficiency.
  • Wordpress skills.
  • Nun chuk, bow staff skills.
  • Direct response snail mail experience.
  • Email marketing experience.
  • SEO experience.
Integrated Solutions Political
Marketing Coordinator/Manager

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