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Senior Front-End Engineer at Huddle HQ

About the Employer
  • Huddle HQ

Job Description

Huddle is looking for an engineer to join its founding team. You would be responsible for the architecture and development of our product, and would have a deep impact on the company's strategy and huge ownership over its technical stack. Over a 1-yearhorizon, and as the company is growing, this position may grow into one of head of engineering / VP of engineering.

Must haves:

  • A great work ethic

  • Solid communication skills (important when working remotely)

  • At least 2 years of experience as an engineer

  • Experience in computer graphics or gaming development. Can beany of

    • OpenGL

    • WebGL

    • DirectX

    • Vulcan

    • ThreeJS

    • PixiJS

    • Unity

    • Flash

Nice to haves experience in:

  • Typescript

  • NodeJS + Express

  • React / Angular / Vue

If interested, send an email with your resume or LinkedIn

Huddle HQ
Senior Front-End Engineer at Huddle HQ

Tags: reactjs, node.js, webgl, typescript, opengl