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Senior Full Stack .NET Developer w/ Azure Experience at Trackmax Solutions (Cape Coral, FL)

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Job Description

Job description

We are looking for an innovative and talented Senior Full Stack .NET Developer to join our small, distributed team (85%of ouremployees work remotely).

Trackmax Solutions is an industry leading software company with almost a quarter century of expertise in providingwholesale distributorsthe insight into their own data they require to dramatically increase profits.

Our on-premise suite of applications has been rewritten as a SaaSmodeland we have transitionedthe majority of our customers to the new cloud platform. We need another talented Senior Developer to help us take ourapplications to the next level, while bringing new ideas and innovation to our software that will enable Trackmax Solutionstobranch into other markets and industries.

What You'll Do:

  • Workwith the development, operations, and support team to identify, define, and documentnew features and bug fixes as needed on our current suite of SaaS applications.

  • Participatein the design and planning ofnew products, services, or functions to meet our long term and short term strategies for growth.

  • Produce code and database queries, scripts according to best practices in a source-controlled environment that enables efficient collaboration with other developers.

  • Be a powerful forceforstreamlininginternal processes with the use of CI/CD, automation,timely documentation, communication, and teamwork.

  • Take part in monitoring and maintaining cloud resources, databases, applications, andfunctions as needed to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime for our customers.

Who You Are:

  • You are a team player first and foremost. Your coworkers would describe you with words like "helpful", "encouraging", or even "key to our success".

  • You have worked 5+ years with C# and .NET and are very comfortable in that ecosystem.

  • You are familiar with the Azure cloud product line and have ideally deployed or interacted withresources using the Azure Portal or the Azure CLI.

  • Youhave experience writing Azure Functions or WebJobs and understand the benefits and challenges that come with serverless functions.

  • Youcan updateHTML and CSS without a WYSIWYGeditor.

  • You have built web apps using a JavaScript framework such as React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Backbone, or Knockout, etc., and hold strong opinions about your favorite.

  • You have enough experiencedesigning, maintaining, and optimizingSQL databases, queries, and indexes toknowa real SQL DBA when you see one.

  • Youhave worked withIIS, Apache,or nginx in production.

  • Youwork with source code control on a regular basis, such as git or TFS, and it saved your bacon at least once or twice. In fact, you can't imagine life without it.

Nice to Haves:

  • Hands-on familiaritywith Azure's cloud product line, particularly Azure SQL DB, Blob Storage, Azure Functions, Elastic Pools, VM's, Azure Cosmos DB.

  • Experience building a CI/CD pipeline using Azure or another cloud platform.

  • You'vewritten and deployed a serverless function using Azure Functions or AWS Lambda.

  • Writing REST APIs andworking with the JSON format is second nature to you.

What We Offer:- Competitive salary, Medical, Dental, Vision insurance, Paid time off, 401k, annual trips to sunny Cape Coral, FL for our users conference and tocollaborate on our company goals and initiatives.

About Trackmax Solutions

Trackmax is a leader in profit improvement software solutions, specializing in the development of transaction based tracking, forecasting and analytical software for wholesale distributors. Our flagship systems focus on optimizing profitability.

Over the past 20 years, more than 400 distributor locations across the country, representing over $20 billion in combined sales,have relied on Trackmax to add real dollars to their bottom line and to optimize the reporting of powerful business intelligence foundin their data.

With every Trackmax software system, Presidents, Operations, Financial, Sales and Marketing Vice Presidents, Field Sales and Agencies/Brokers are able to have clear visibility into any issue, leading to more intelligent and timelier decision-making, improved performance and improved profits across the organization.

Trackmax Solutions
Senior Full Stack .NET Developer w/ Azure Experience at Trackmax Solutions (Cape Coral, FL)

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