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AWS Lambda CloudFormation API Architect at Authority Partners

About the Employer
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Job Description

Authority Partners is looking for or an experienced Software Architect to join our development team. If you are the type of engineer that gets excited about complex AWS architectures and beautiful code, then we are looking for you.

Regardless of role or experience, the recipe for success contains the following ingredients:

Ambition. We want to do big things... and have an out-sized effect on our customers and entire industries. Were looking for people who want to be part of that.
Problem ownership. Find it, frame it, solve it, and teach it.
Bar raising. Establishing clear expectations is a necessary step -- but not sufficient. Were all about finding ways to push beyond expectations. Each of us must raise the bar for all of us.
Goal orientation. Our journey is important, of course. But were not satisfied with or distracted by the journey; were focused on our shared outcomes.
Relentless optimism. We want to surround ourselves with people who see the glass half-full, people who think in terms of possibilities.
All in. Making mistakes is necessary for innovation. But we want to be sure we maximize effort, creativity and collaboration.
Technical. Our hobby is coding, our favorite destination is hackathons, and we binge-watch Coursera...
Communication. Writing and talking about code is the major part of our day.

There is room for a range of skills. Some you already have and some you will quickly gain when you are here.

Cloud (AWS)
Designing REST APIs
AWS Lambda
AWS Cloud Formation
AWS Cloud Trail
AWS Cloud Watch
Languages (Any supported by AWS Lambda: Python (preferred),Java, Angular, Node.js, C#/.Net Core 3.1)
Minimum five years of experience building production quality cloud products
Minimum two years of experience with AWS, DevOps, CI/CD


Agile (Scaled Agile Framework)
DevOps (Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery)
Behavioral Driven Development
Design and Architecture

Opportunity to work with people who are at the top of their field
Career growth
Collaborative learning environment
Working in teams with global IT experts
Working on enterprise level applications

Authority Partners
AWS Lambda CloudFormation API Architect at Authority Partners

Tags: cloud, amazon-web-services, python, amazon-cloudformation, aws-lambda