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About the Employer
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Job Description

About the Role

As Time Doctors growth continues to accelerate, were looking for an experienced VP of Engineering to help us grow our team to meet the ever increasing demand for our product and expand our core functionality. As our VP of Engineering, youll be responsible for managing our 20+ person tech team spread across several divisions and helping develop engineering talent across the organization.

You will mostly be managing teams located in Europe and Asia. This means that for timezone reasons you can be located anywhere in Europe or Asiabut targeting more Europe timezone.

This is a full-time role for an Engineering Manager/VP of Engineering and its a completely virtual/telecommute position that will allow you to work from home.


  • Bring structure to our current technical team and optimize for rapid agile development

  • Hire amazing talent to accelerate the development of our product roadmap by 100% in a 1 year period

  • Manage a fully remote engineering team

  • Plan hiring needs that align with our sales goal of over 100% growth per year

  • Build an amazing engineering culture

  • Delivering the software

  • Engineering culture

  • Performance management

  • Hiring new developers

  • Planning out the future hiring needs for the company

  • Managing sprints

  • Improving speed of delivery of the software

  • Putting in place team leaders for smaller teams and managing those team leaders.

  • Communication with other teams (sales, customer support, product, QA)

Required Experience

  • 5+ years managing a min of 25 engineers remotely in a rapidly growing SaaS technology business

  • 5+ years developing and managing an engineering roadmap

  • Deep experience in recruiting developers

  • Deep experience in agile development, lean startup methodology, and producing MVP (minimum viable product), all while balancing a build for long-term structure

  • Ability to work collaboratively across teams

  • Well versed in our core technology stack which includes:

    • Angular, Node.js, Mongodb, Redis, Heroku, AWS for our web app

    • C++ and Qt for our desktop app

    • PHP for our legacy app

To apply please go to this link -http://time-doctor.breezy.hr/p/41622aea7298-vp-of-engineering

Timedoctor.com LLC
VP of Engineering at Timedoctor.com LLC

Tags: node.js, mongodb, heroku, amazon-web-services, redis