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UI/UX Designer at Integrated Computer Systems (McKinney, TX)

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Job Description

What we have

Our current suite of products needs a new look. As we have moved from older legacy applications into web apps, our UI has remained stuck in an older frame of mind.

What we need

Were looking for someone to help us refresh the design of our product suite. Were not talking about a simple UI refresh, but afull-onmakeover. We need someone who can deliver a set of design guidelinesbased on our business requirementsthat our developers canthen work their magic on and turn into an attractive, highly functional product.A great user experience is our primary goal. Everything else is secondary to that.


  • Solid understanding ofUIdesign and user experience

  • Familiarity with Material Design

  • Ability to create a set of design documentsbased onbusiness requirements and customer feedback

  • Examples ofproductsworked on and visual design shipped

  • Previous experience with a UI/UX role

This is a contract positionthat should last about 4-6 months and is entirely remote.

Integrated Computer Systems
UI/UX Designer at Integrated Computer Systems (McKinney, TX)

Tags: user-interface, user-experience, design, angular, angular-material