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Coder is looking for someone to lead our developer relations efforts. But note up front that we are not just looking for someone who wants a jobwe are looking for someone who wants to take a leading role in revolutionizing how software is developed. Weve created a great solution that will benefit a lot of Codersnow we need someone to build relationships and cultivate a community among developers who use our products. We want to communicate with, listen to, and learn from our developer community so that we continue to develop solutions that meet their diverse and evolving requirements. We want to help the innovators innovate.

We are a startup so your responsibilities will be both broad and deepand were moving very quickly so youll need to prioritize effectively and establish lightweight processes to ensure youre making the best use of your time and resources to propel Coder forward. Its definitely a firehose in a whirlwind, but in a good way of course.

The Developer Advocatewill report to the VP Marketing.
Essentially, youll get to establish Developer Relations practices at Coder. Weve already got millions of downloads and a lot of active users; we just havent yet created a community.


    • Community Development Build relationships and develop trust to transform our product user base into an active and engaging community. Ensure that we are listening to developers and building solutions that 1) solve their biggest challenges and 2) make their lives easier.
    • Product Evangelism Get out and talk to everyone you can and extol the virtues of developing on Coderconvert the masses. Youll have to be a coder too to have credibility and to demonstrate how the product works.
    • Open-Source Product Messaging Construct product messaging to articulate the value our technology provides, what challenges it solves, and how developers can benefit from our solutions now.
    • Developer Enablement Develop a ton of content to support developer discovery and use of our solutions. Establish programs, create materials, conduct training to ensure our users are fully supported. Do everything you can to empower developers.
    • Events Own and coordinate developer event planning to maximize coverage and product adoption.
    • Partner Development Create programs and messaging to build a network of partners to extend our product capabilities and facilitate developer use.
    • Product Input Develop a process to incorporate all the input you are obtaining through your conversations with developers into our own product development process to ensure we are building solutions that developers want and need.


    • At least seven years of experience in product management, product marketing, engineering, corporate marketing, managing a teama mix of larger organizations and startups is ideal.
    • An understanding of and experience in high technologycloud computing, dev/ops, enterprise applicationsare a bonus.
    • Experience with software development highly sought afterbe a coder to relate to coders - at a minimum an understanding of the development process.
    • Adaptive personality, highly organized and self-motivating, willing to take ownership and deliver results in a fast-paced environment. Should be comfortable with high ambiguity.
    • Ability to understand technology at its core functions and articulate the benefits of the technology at a business level.
    • Innate drive to learn and growa want to solve problems and find answers to challenging questions.
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Developer Advocate at Coder Technologies

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