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WANTED: Very Stable Geniuses (work-from-home)

About the Employer
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yearly Salary
$20000.00 - $80000.00

Job Description

I run a large YouTube channel specializing in producing animated cartoons. We employ roughly 50 full-timers and work with hundreds of freelancers, and as the company has grown, so have our organizational challenges.

I am looking for individuals who can lend me their brains to diagnose and remedy systemic issues within my organization as well as continue helping us grow, particularly within the Marketing, Analytics, and Production departments.

This work would begin on a consulting basis and if successful, would lead to a full-time position. There would be no need to come to an office and no requirements for you to live in any specific part of the world. Payment would be made regularly via PayPal.

No prior experience is necessary, and resumes are optional. Just tell me a bit about yourself, why you are interested in this job, and if possible, some kind of indication of your creative problem solving abilities.

Thank you, and I look forward to your responses.

- Ross

WANTED: Very Stable Geniuses (work-from-home)