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Remote Graphics and Video Editor Extraordinaire

About the Employer
  • Audio Alchemist
hourly Salary
$10.00 - $10.00

Job Description


  • Music industry products, concepts, artists, audio producers and engineers are the subject material.

  • Artists: Video will be shot by various folks around the globe. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to edit and assemble the finished, shiny product. (See examples here.)

  • Products & Concepts: To generate animation style content from written word storyboards (See example here.)

  • Desktop: Ad generation, PDF product sheet updates, dealer material refresh. (See examples here.)


  • Work from anywhere- we don’t care if it’s a beach or a prison as long as product rolls consistently.

  • Hours: Part time. Set your own schedule. Deadlines are all that count.

  • The deadlines (speaking of them) are not life threatening.

  • Must be billable as a 1099 company (LLC or INC) vs. individual or W2.


  • Potent editing skills in whatever app you dig (Adobe Premier, Avid…)

  • Simple animation skills (see example here).

  • Knowledge of Keynote, InDesign, Photoshop.

  • Technical savvy in hardware and software recording (i.e. Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton) and signal flow is a plus!

  • Creative flair spiced with a dash of “give a shit” attitude.

  • Archive it all in a redundant database that we can share.

  • Communicate directly with one overlord and the Digital Marketing team.

  • Ultimately build finished episodes as well as shorts for Instagram…


  • $10/hour or per job-let’s determine what best unfurls your creative petals.

Audio Alchemist
Remote Graphics and Video Editor Extraordinaire

Tags: arts and entertainment